‘A growing number of people are leaving the workforce because of family commitments’

Office of National Statistics, UK.

‘Companies that do not fully embrace flexible working will face recruitment and retention problems’

Working Families.

‘Supporting employee wellbeing reduces work absence, burnout, and the likelihood of them leaving, whilst also increasing productivity’


‘Compared to other methods of instruction, coaching has a significant impact on parents and caregivers. When you work with a coach, you have the tools to integrate parenting skills and strategies at a higher rate than you could on your own.’

Better Up

‘For all UK parents,
flexibility (00%) is second only to pay (00%)
in terms of priorities when looking for a new job’


Empathy and vulnerability are not words to be scared of anymore


We provide a range of bespoke services that enable organisations to support parents that are at different stages of their parenting journey.


We provide individual or group coaching to support parents in the workplace and help them navigate any challenges they may be experiencing.

‘The feedback from our parents and staff has been overwhelmingly positive. They found the sessions educational, factual, and incredibly necessary. Many remarked on how informative, friendly, and engaging the presentations were and how difficult topics were handled with sensitivity and understanding.’

Braeburn International School, Arusha.

‘Our staff has benefited immensely from the coaching programme that has been delivered with research and empathy at its core.’

Canberra Metro Corporation.

‘Being supported by For Working Parents has led to increased staff morale and less staff turnover. So many of our working parents feel more supported.’

Capital Homes.

‘As a parent, the coaching programme has helped me understand my role as a parent and an employee and it has allowed me to find the perfect balance between both. I feel so much better about myself now and so much more empowered.’

Individual Parent.

‘Amit’s talk was excellent – one of the best sessions I have joined. It was very pragmatic and topical and I took away a number of helpful tips. His coaching since then has given me the confidence and skills to communicate with my teenagers effectively and repair our relationship.’

Individual Parent.
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