Peer Coaching Ambassadors

Watch individuals grow into confident leaders & inspire others

By enrolling in this programme, you are giving your team members valuable personal development opportunities and essential tools

Peer Coaching Ambassadors

With the right support, the apprentice becomes the master. Our comprehensive peer coaching ambassador training programme equips your employees with the skills, models and methods needed to effectively support their working parent colleagues in their quest to achieve the perfect life-work balance and improve family dynamics.

…achieve the perfect life-work balance and improve family dynamics…

Through our comprehensive curriculum of coaching methods and models, participants will develop a deep understanding of how best to engage parents on personal challenges when parenting from home or within a traditional setting. We provide both virtual as well as face-to-face instruction that allows trainees ample opportunity for practice before putting these newfound techniques into action in real-world situations at work. 

peer coaching ambassadors
peer coaching

Participants have access to theoretical knowledge and ongoing mentorship support throughout this process so they can be sure all questions are answered quickly along each step of their journey towards becoming successful peer parenting coaches in your organisation’s culture.

By enrolling in this programme, you are giving your team members valuable personal development opportunities and the essential tools they need when helping peers navigate parenting issues. Engaged employees get the chance to develop soft skills like communication, problem-solving, conflict management, stress management and empathy – all of them finding applicability in work scenarios as well.

With our Peer Coaching Ambassadors Training Programme, watch how individuals grow into confident leaders who inspire others.

‘The feedback from our parents and staff has been overwhelmingly positive. They found the sessions educational, factual, and incredibly necessary. Many remarked on how informative, friendly, and engaging the presentations were and how difficult topics were handled with sensitivity and understanding.’

Braeburn International School, Arusha.

‘Our staff has benefited immensely from the coaching programme that has been delivered with research and empathy at its core.’

Canberra Metro Corporation.

‘Being supported by For Working Parents has led to increased staff morale and less staff turnover. So many of our working parents feel more supported.’

Capital Homes.

‘As a parent, the coaching programme has helped me understand my role as a parent and an employee and it has allowed me to find the perfect balance between both. I feel so much better about myself now and so much more empowered.’

Individual Parent.
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