Coaching for Parents

Supporting your family’s unique parenting path

Parenting is a beautiful and equally challenging journey that is constantly progressing as your children grow. A helping hand can make all the difference and bring that much-needed clarity.

Coaching for Parents

After all, parenthood does not come with instructions. All of us strive to do our best while juggling personal and professional responsibilities, but it rarely feels like our efforts are good enough. Feeling lost and over your head is more common than you’d expect, especially in a world where putting on a false front and concealing your challenges is the standard.

Our parenting coaching services are flexible and empathetic, drawing from Amit’s experience as an ICF trained coach and seasoned Deputy Headteacher. This includes specialised support for parents of special needs children, equipping them with the right tools to help their loved ones thrive in a world that often seems to ostracise them by default.

Coaching for Single Parents

Ideally, it takes a village to raise a child. This is what we should keep in mind when thinking about single parents, who rarely benefit from a reliable support system and eventually end up overwhelmed, harshly judged, and isolated. We provide hands-on strategies for time management, stress alleviation, co-parenting arrangements efficiency, behavioural shifts, and solid parent-child bond maintenance – all while balancing personal and professional commitments. We empower you with the tools and insights tailored to the specific phase of your child’s growth while supporting you in focusing on separate professional and personal aspirations.

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How Can Parent Coaching Assist You?

Our coaching encompasses a spectrum of services, offering empathetic assistance with a wide array of issues modern parents face today, such as:

  • Exploring parenthood as a first-time parent
  • Managing screen time and app usage (TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat)
  • Planning for parental leave
  • Enhancing communication within your family
  • Addressing shifts in family dynamics due to events like marriage, divorce, or adoption
  • Academic performance
  • Tackling common and complex child behaviour and learning challenges
  • Providing support for families dealing with autism, behaviour disorders, and mental health concerns
  • Tackling issues related to LGBTQIA+ identities, trauma, cultural integration, and sensitive discussions such as sex education and social inequalities

Please keep in mind that our coaching is designed to complement, not replace, professional therapeutic or social work services, especially when it comes to severe challenges or mental health issues. We’re here to point you to the right resources, ensuring your family receives the needed support – even if it is outside our expertise.

Coaching for Parenting Couples

Parenting as a couple involves constant collaboration, synchronisation, and growth, especially as children enter different stages of their lives. However, diverging work schedules, exhaustion, conflicting views, financial stress, and arguments often get in the way, even when both parents have the family’s best interests at heart. Our coaching for couples offers a safe, judgment-free space to align parenting strategies, ensuring that both partners feel supported and unified in their approach, working as a team for the family’s well-being. We address parenting challenges and provide proven tactics to improve communication, understanding, and mutual support.

Why Parent Coaching?

Parent coaching is a personalised guide that offers specific strategies and support, whether you’re dealing with the challenges of early childhood, the transitions of middle childhood, the rebellion of teenage years, or the unique circumstances of raising a special needs child.

Furthermore, nowadays parents face problems that haven’t been encountered by past generations, such as balancing screen time, understanding social media’s impact on behaviour, and supporting academic success when distractions increase by the day. A dedicated and experienced parenting coach can help you establish healthy boundaries, motivate your children to pursue their ambitions and build digital resilience.

Our coaching adapts to your family’s specific situation, providing a reliable support, knowledge, and encouragement source as your children grow.

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